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Family Holiday Celebration
Family Holiday Celebration
The Sea of Glass Performance Hall
December 19, 2014
Event begins at 7:00 PM
Celebrate the Magic of the Holiday Season!

The evening’s festivities will include live concerts by two choirs, a friendly visit with Santa Claus, and a screening of the special Christmas musical production, The God Child Came.

Enjoy traditional and original holiday tunes by The CosmoKid's Choir and by TaliasVan’s Bright & Morning Star Choir & Orchestra. The CosmoKids Choir is an ensemble of students from the Global Community Communications Schools for Teens & Children. This talented group recently recorded their debut CD titled CosmoKids Songs of TaliasVan. TaliasVan’s Bright & Morning Star Choir & Orchestra are a beautiful group of seasoned singers, most of whom have been harmonizing together for more than 15 years. Both choirs were founded by TaliasVan, who is a composer and originator of several genres of music, one of which is CosmoWorship™. CosmoWorship is a cosmic, lyrical, and melodic celestial experience. The harmonies and arrangements are other-worldly and take the listener to heavenly realms. There is nothing else like it on the planet.

The God Child Came is a unique theatrical piece performed by Global Change Theater Company which was professionally shot and edited for DVD at Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona. The God Child Came is an uplifting, humorous, and inspiring story about a young woman's search for the true meaning of Christmas. The play features a colorful cast of unforgettable characters and original music from The God Child Came Christmas album.

$7.00 for ages 12 & up
Free for ages 11 & under

Call (520) 398-2542 for tickets! Proceeds go to the Global Community Communications Schools for Teens & Children

For those in financial need, call (520) 603-9932 one week in advance of show to inquire about Avalon Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil or other work reciprocation program.

Visit the Food For Ascension Café in same building!
Film - Sacred Journey of the Heart
Film - Sacred Journey of the Heart
The Sea of Glass Performance Hall
January 10, 2015
Event begins at 7:30 PM
Movies That Matter Tucson Presents: SACRED JOURNEY OF THE HEART!

$10 Admission

This powerful film is a heart journey and will take you to the depths and the heavens, with hope and deep understanding of how we are currently creating the biggest shift of consciousness of all time: HEART-BASED LIVING.

- GREGG BRADEN, international best-selling author reveals the global impact of heart-based, emotional connection and how it correlates with the electromagnetic fields of the earth.
- MARY MORRISSEY, Co-Founder of the Association for Global New Thought and Life SOULutions, narrates the film and shares some of her key heart-based principles of living.
- DR. JOE DISPENZA, "What the Bleep" chiropractor and researcher, offers his insights on creating a new reality.
- COLIN TIPPING, founder of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness provides a step-by-step process to HEAL YOUR HEART.
- CYNTHIA JAMES - Author, Singer-songwriter, Minister, and Speaker
- SARAH MCLEAN – Former Lead Meditation Teacher for the Chopra Center

PLUS TRIBAL ELDERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD will provide their wisdom teachings from times past that have predicted the choice we are facing now: live collectively from the heart.. or stay separated, disconnected and in the old energies of blame and victimhood.

As Greenland Elder Uncle says: “It is time to melt the ice in the heart of man… to let go of past hurts and reconnect as one living being, one heart, one spirit.”

See the beauty of their message unfold in the film as they grace us with heart based teachings that are full of hope for a new day.

For tickets and more information contact Dan Horner
(443) 602-2941
Divine Administration Seminar
Divine Administration Seminar
Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage
March 6, 2015 —
March 9, 2015
Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) is hosting a Divine Administration Seminar for serious spiritual seekers—potential Destiny Reservists. Topics include the physics of rebellion, ascension science, protected and sacred areas, the five epochal revelations for humankind, the cosmology of the master universe, starseed children, and interuniversal genetics.

The concept of Divine Administration management is working in conjunction with unseen but ever-present celestial personalities. The growth of GCCA/Divine Administration over the last 25 years (now with more than 115 quality change agents from all over the world) and the manifestation of the organization’s diversified ministries complement the claim of working in liaison with spirit counterparts. Presenters include Dr. Marayeh Cunningham, Psychologist; Landau Lawrence, M.D.; Len’Mana Lee Ed.D., and Founders Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase.

The seminar is held at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage in Tumacácori, Arizona—a beautiful 220-acre EcoVillage in a sacred area known to the indigenous inhabitants as the “palm of God’s hand”.

$500 if you register a month or more in advance. $700 if you register less than one month in advance. Includes lodging and organic meals. Certificates of Completion given to participants. All seminar and workshop proceeds benefit the Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage Agricultural Internships and the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program—nonprofit service programs to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in various levels of healing, training, and education to actualize their dreams and talents.